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Whether it's the smell of fresh homemade bread on the table, the most delightful cake at the party, the smash cake for the little one,  the perfect dessert after dinner or the best tasting Keto/Diabetic dessert

to make sure there is no failure in your goals, We're here to Serve You!

Dana & Darrick Grimmettt

Meet the Owners


Tony Renee's Bakery was founded with a passion to Serve. Serving families, loved ones, friends, locals, businesses, churches and not for profit organizations is just a glimpse of where we're headed.

Providing fresh homemade baked goods for the homeless and recovering addict ministries is a huge part of the vision for our corporation.

Relationships are formed over a wonderful meal, a cup of coffee or just a meet up for fellowship and fun.  Let Tony Renee's put the icing on the cake and deliver it fresh to you! 

We're committed to building relationships, one friendship at a time, one family at a time to create the Community of a Lifetime!

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